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Finding other ways to score/playing hurt.

Every athlete will tell you that they one stage of their career they played hurt. Whether it be for the love of the game or simply not wanting to let their team mates down. You convince yourself to play through the pain. You find ways to still be effective. Quitting was and is never an option. I have to find ways to still be productive. I know I can’t force situations(as much as I have tried to do so, it never works) I have to allow things to happen. I have to trust the process of things and know that everything is unfolding the way I want. And if they are not going the way I want, then I need to focus my attention on something else. When my shot isn’t falling, I need to rebound or pass the ball. I can’t just focus on my bad shooting when there are so many other things I can do.

Currently,I am working on Escape from Dino Isle. Right now the deadline is not going to be met. The communication is not exactly cohesive either. Little setbacks are one thing, but major setbacks are another. I am definitely looking to fill some gaps in this game to not focus on one aspect that is not going well. Instead of allowing frustration to overtake me, I am finding other aspects to keep my mind off of the delay.

Basketball is my biggest comfort right now. I go back to the game when dealing with Supercilious Comics. Right now, I see an open team mate that I keep giving the ball to for an open shot. That team mate either drops the pass or misses the shot. As many times as it has been drilled in my head to hit the open man, I need to see that this team mate is not trying to score. It’s almost as if they are in their own little world. I’m not even sure if they know the affect they are having on the team. No matter how many times I talk to them, yell, or show disappointment, this team mate is content. I have to adjust, I have to find other ways to win. More than anything, I have to allow other ways to win and not focus on the one person dropping the ball. 

Working on Dr.Petricholas’s journal for #escapefromdinoisle #dinosaurs #comics #comicbooks #comiccons #supercilious #superciliouscomics #weightloss #biggestloser #fitness

Working on Dr.Petricholas’s journal for #escapefromdinoisle #dinosaurs #comics #comicbooks #comiccons #supercilious #superciliouscomics #weightloss #biggestloser #fitness

The most original and awesome comic book out there! Share and spread this around!

Important that I support other creators! Downloading #boplushygangsta Hands down one of the greatest ideas ever! Also they have one of the dopest websites! I’m a fan!

Important that I support other creators! Downloading #boplushygangsta Hands down one of the greatest ideas ever! Also they have one of the dopest websites! I’m a fan!

I found some pages(lots) of Chitty Chat Chat that I have not inked. Just pile it on! I will have a full 30 pages of Chitty ChAt Chat for all who enjoy bossy,ambitious 6 year olds. #comics #inking #supercilious #superciliouscomics #kids #educational

I found some pages(lots) of Chitty Chat Chat that I have not inked. Just pile it on! I will have a full 30 pages of Chitty ChAt Chat for all who enjoy bossy,ambitious 6 year olds. #comics #inking #supercilious #superciliouscomics #kids #educational

Practice makes perfect

Another basketball tale! One thing I love sharing with people is the one thing I have in common with Michael Jordan. We love to practice. I always had a strong desire to be better than my previous practice and game. I would arrive early to practice by 20 minutes (in high school) and work on whatever I felt I lacked in a game. I was lucky to have a coaching staff in high school that encouraged and accommodated anyone who wanted to come in early and work on their game. Hell, I even did that for my art classes. Coming in early was my way of getting ahead. It didn’t stop there, any chance i got I was shooting the basketball and working on my  dribbling. When it wasn’t basketball consuming me, I was drawing and writing. Looking back, I am wondering when I found the time to sleep. I had that overwhelming desire to be the best me I could be.

Now, what does this topic have to do with creating comic books? 

Never stop working on your game,drawing,writing or whatever. No matter how successful you are, take the time to work on your craft. You are only as good as your last game. In my case, I am only as good as my last comic.

Rotating defense. Part 2

Wanted to elaborate more on the term “rotating defense” in the work place(small business, comic book making).Again, I am using my experience as a basketball player and from my high school team. My biggest life lessons came from playing basketball in high school. 

Rotating Defense, is communication and being able to affectedly convey messages/actions to your team mates. Failure to do so breaks down the team to where people have to scramble to regain structure again. Now, of course there are moments where a defensive schemes calls for a roamer to double team an offensive player.Again it’s up to the other three to be able to adjust and move quickly to the ball. Again, strong communication is needed.

How does this work in the comic book world? Strong communication is needed when there is a hiccup. Communicating about delays or scripts immediately when a problem arises. Guessing, instead of asking can alleviate possible delays. If one person breaks down (concerning communication) it affects the others involved. Now, the rest of the team is scrambling trying to adjust. 

We are apart of the flow of the team. We are all moving for the greater good of the project/team. Always keep that in mind when working with multiple people.

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The story behind Escape from Dino Isle

Escape from Dino Isle came about from a question presented by Tumblr when I first joined a few years ago. Tumblr asked me something along the lines of why I would want dinosaurs back on earth. At the time I was binge watching Jurassic Park 1,2, 3, on a loop. My answer; having dinosaurs on earth again would mean everyone would be in shape from the constant running and living in fear.

Wait a minute, that’s not a bad premise at all.

Thus began the outlining and drawing of Escape from Dino Isle. An isle of dinosaurs that are genetically engineered to specially cater to helping overweight folks into losing weight. I knew I could make it fun and unique. Enlist from my imagination a group of six(one special celebrity) people to be on the isle. Everyone is brought to the isle under a different ruse. 

I wanted to have the Doctor, the dino engineer, look for the perfect candidates through their internet searches. These special six were searching for ways to lose weight and different adventures. None really done anything about those desires. Everyone has urges to do things but not necessarily the funds or motivation to get it done.With tickets and playing off of their desires and strong points, Dr. Petricholas was able to get them(paid tickets, perfect key words) to the isle.

Flash forward to now, and I have created (with amazing talent) meal plans, map, dino isle handbook, and an app(coming in the near future) to make this comic book an experience.

Now, I definitely wanted to create the overweight characters to be ordinary people placed in  situations that will bring out their amazing selves. I strongly believe that we are all amazing whether its realized at an early stage in life or a later stage in life. Some folks need to be placed in situations in order for them to realize that they are not their weight and they are extraordinary too.

Eventually as this series progresses, I would love to have people submit themselves to be characters in the comic book. Right now, I am picking my favorite celebrity to be in the comic book(as comic relief) . I am hoping that celebrities will toss their names in the hat and want to be turned into a comic book version of themselves and go along for the ride.

Escape from Dino Isle is the cheapest way to make a reality show. With that in mind, I do have Talking Heads in my comic book. Like I mentioned before, this is an experience. I hope you join me on the ride when the comic book is released.

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